Should you travel to Vietnam during Coronavirus? Is Vietnam safe now?

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Hanoi City had no infected cases until now.

If you are reading this, you must have plan your trip already or be thinking of your trip to Vietnam. Yes the Coronavirus or Covid-19 has been expanding all above the world. China, Korea, Italy, Singapore, Iran, etc and Vietnam, also.
I am working in the tourism industry in Vietnam right now, so my answer might not be as objective as you think. However, if you still need an answer, it is Yes & No.

Almost all oriental tourists “disappeared”. There are only left some Westerners.

Clegg, a staff at Yaly tailor shop – the earliest one in Hoi An said.

The same situation is happening all above Vietnam right now. They reduce cost by cut down wage, benefits. Many got fired. And, this is important, they cut down the cost & cut down the price also. This is a chance for some travelers.

Of course money is not a matter when it comes to dead or alive. If your country/city is still virus-clean, you got a better health care there or you are worried. It’s better to stay home. Believe me, it is no fun at all traveling while worrying.

However, on the other side, you should also consider below reasons:

  • Vietnam had 16 infected cases, and they cured all, no new cases recorded in weeks. They are doing it quite good. Many called Vietnam as a “green island”.
  • No more Chinese/Korean/Japaneses crowds, less worry.
  • Lower price on hotel/cruise/services (Not food or mask, hand sanitizer).
  • Less people, more wonderful landscapes.
  • Vietnam is located in the tropics (currently 21 – 27° C in Hanoi and 25 – 35° C in HCMC). According to some researches, higher temperature slows down the virus expansion.

Risks you would take while visiting Vietnam right now:

  • You got fever when getting off the plane. No worry, you probably will get quarantined. Yes, no worry at all, it’s to protect you & other people.
  • If you are from China mainland (Not Taiwan), Korea, Iran, Italy, you should prepare yourself. Many flights from those had been cancelled. Many are quarantined at the airport due to the last minute policy of the government. Be quarantined (currently 14 days) means no traveling any more.

That are some reason why I said the answer is Yes & No. Currenly the weather in Vietnam is so great and the services are so cheap. It’s a chance to travel to me also. I keep my mask on while travel in public, wash my hand regularly, hopefully it’s all okay. I even got to stay on a 5* cruise on Halong Bay for the price of a 3* boat. That’s quite a good deal.

The decision is all yours. My recommendation is if you had planned on it, just do it.

If you have a chance visiting Hanoi, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’d love to show you around.

Good luck on you!

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