How to get from Ha Giang to Sapa?

By Motorcycle or Car

Ha Giang is 232km from Sapa, you might check out the map here if you travel by taxi/car or by motorcycle. Don’t forget to tick on the “Avoid Highways” option if you travel by motorbike. It would take you from 5 to 7 hours driving/riding. If you travel by bus, read below.
Don’t forget to check out some notices riding a motorcycle in Vietnam here.

From Ha Giang to Sapa By Local & Tourist Bus

The hassle-free way to get to Sapa from Ha Giang is by bus. It takes around 7 to 8 hours. Because both places are tourist attractions, we are lucky there are some tourist buses. Local bus is everywhere, however the quality is questionable, that’s why tourist bus are always preferred. As a local traveler, I always choose tourist bus whenever possible. Have a look at 3 types of bus seat/cabin below and choose yourself the most suitable one, then choose a bus provider below.

open bus in vietnam
CompanyDepartureArrivalPrice (VND)Price (USD)
Quang Tuyen Sleeper 44 seat8:00 at Ha Giang bus station15:00 at Sapa bus station250k$11
Cuong Thinh Sleeper 44 seat09:30 at Ha Giang bus station16:00 at Sapa bus station220k$10
Quang Tuyen Sleeper 44 seat20:10 at Ha Giang bus station03:10 at Sapa bus station250k$11
The Long Sleeper 44 seat09:30 at 122 Ly Thuong Kiet, Ha Giang17:30 at 393 Dien Bien Phu, Sapa400k$17
Luxury Van County 29 seat07:45 at Ha Giang bus station15:15 at Sapa bus station250k$11
Quang Tuyen limousine 19 seat08:30 at Ha Giang bus station15:00 at Sapa bus station300k$13
Cuong Thinh Limousine 16 seat10:00 at Ha Giang bus station16:30 at Sapa bus station300k$13
Ha Giang VIP Limousine 9 seat18:00 at Ha Giang bus station01:00 at Sapa bus station350k$15

Local Ha Giang to Sapa bus table

Where To Buy Ha Giang to Sapa Bus Ticket?

Local Bus Station

As you can see those buses depart from Ha Giang bus station. You could buy ticket at there (paid by Vietnamese cash only). Normally there are plenty of available seat, except for holidays & weekends. So be sure to have a back up plan if you travel in peak day.

Online Website

You can check those websites, they are trusted & verified. However they offer limited support so you’ll on your own to find and get on the bus, etc.

Travel Agency

If you don’t have time to scout the internet for information, let your agency arrange everything, just sit back & enjoy the trip. You can find many trusted agencies in Hanoi for everything you need with affordable cost. Or, you can contact my friend right here to support a newly founded agency. Quality guaranteed by me & would be verified by you. She’s amazing supportive.

Phone/WhatsApp: +84 826 570 451

That’s almost everything about travel from Ha Giang to Sapa. Anything unclear or if you need instant help, I’m more than happy to help. Send me an email or chat with me right now.
Have a nice trip in Vietnam.

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