Best things to do in Catba island

Best things to do in Catba island

If you are looking for somewhere that allows you both to immerse yourself in gorgeous nature and not too boring  without anything to do, Catba is a perfect combination. People know much more about Halon bay, however more and more people are getting to aware of Catba island too. I am happy about it cuz it would be a pity if they miss this wonderful island! An interesting clue for you is budget for Catba island is surprisingly cheaper than Halong bay! Here are my suggested top best things to do in Catba!

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#1. A Day Boat Trip To Lan Ha Bay

One of the best things to do in Catba island is to join in a day boat trip up to discover Lan Habay area.Still a lot of people mistake Lan Ha bay with Ha Long bay.The reason is they are actually look similar. Believe  me, you will not see any different 🙂 The day trip allows you to admire incredible view of the bay and do swimming, kayaking, visiting Monkey island. In addition, you have a chance to cross oldest floating village of the area- Cai Beo village and this is also one of the most beautiful floaing village along Vietnam. 

Things to do in Catba- A day boat trip to Lan Ha bay

You can easily book this trip at travel agency in Hanoi if you wanna plan the trip in advance (I recommend Tweely Travel Agency as their good price and support). That is actually the only thing beside accommodation I need to book in advance. 
In case you are more adventurous, ordering this day trip in the island is another option 🙂

Lan Ha bay
Lan Ha bayy cruise, photo shared by Sunlightcruise

#2. Catba Natinal Park

Cat Ba National Park is recognized as a world biosphere reserve with rich and pristine flora and fauna which is a must-see attraction when traveling to Cat Ba Island. If you a a trekking lover, this place is for you. But if you are not, trust me, the view on the peak is totally worth for you sacrifice! From Catba town to entrance of the park is about 30 minutes driving, I recommend you to order a taxi (if you are in group) or rent a bike to go there! There are actually several routes you can choose, for 2-3 hour trek, or 4-8 hours trek, notice to study about it in advance!

Things to do in Catba- ​Catba national park

Entrance fee: 80.000VND (included Trung Trang cave)
Address: Check out map here 
Bring water with you during the trek
Mosquito spray will help
Don’t forget a memory car for your camera

Catba national park
Ngu Lam peak at Catba national park

#3. Caves

There are two most popular caves in Catba island. They are Trung Trang Cave and Hospital cave which are just 1km far from each other.  Trung Trang cave is still a nature limestone cave while Hospital cave which have been change and reshape inside by Vietnamese communist soldiers during the war.  As its name Hospital cave used to be use as a hospital in the past and now can be considered as a museum.

Things to do in Catba- Caves

Entrance fee:40.000VND/person for hospital cave
Address: Hospital cave
                 Trung Trang cave
Tips: As this is a historical place, you will get much more value when order a guide along (they will offer at the entrance). Otherwise you won’t understand much and will feel boring

Trung Trang cave in Catba
Trung Trang cave

#4. Cannon Fort At Sunset

I totally believe that Cannon Fort is underrated by many tourists. First of all it is another historical place where you can see old bunkers and helicopters landing station built into the island from previous war. Undoubtedly Catba is a strategic lookout point.Second thing, the view from Cannon Fort is amazing: you can see stunning overview of the island and Lan ha bay. This will be the best at sunset time! 

Things to do in Catba- Cannon Fort at sunset

Entrance fee: 30.000VND/person
Adress: Check out map here

Cannon fort at sunset
Cannon fort at sunset @Aluxconcepts

#5. Beaches

It will be something wrong if you are talking about an island but not mentioned about beaches, right?
but I put it at the end as after all those above activities, you love the beach more :))
There are 3 main beaches in Catba  (Cat Co 1-2-3) which are all in walking distance. My loved one is Cat Co 3 which is nearest to the town and also cleanest too 🙂 You can go there for swimming and follow a spectacular path from Cat Co 3 to Cat Co 1

Things to do in Catba- Beaches

Cat Co beach
Cat Co beach @dulichdaoCatba

Please leave us a comment if you wanna add any wonderful places that we missed 🙂
Thanks for reading till here 😀

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